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Zepp Health Announces US Launch Date for Amazfit Helio Ring

-Redefining Athletic Recovery & Performance Monitoring, with Global Rollout Ahead

MILPITAS, Calif., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zepp Health Corporation ("Zepp Health") (NYSE: ZEPP), a global leader in smart wearables and health technology, today announced the availability of the Amazfit Helio Ring. Athletes in the United States will be able to purchase this smart ring on May 15th, 2024 – either as part of a bundle with the Amazfit Cheetah Pro or Amazfit T-Rex Ultra or as an independent purchase, via the official Amazfit website in the United States. Priced at $299.99, the Amazfit Helio Ring offers unparalleled insights into athletic performance and recovery. The initial inventory carries limited sizing with future offers for additional sizing and general availability to other markets to follow soon.

The Amazfit Helio Ring, unveiled at CES 2024 to critical acclaim, was honored with the title of ‘Best Fitness Wearable’ by Tom’s Guide in their esteemed Best of CES awards. Additionally, it was recognized as one of the "Best of CES" picks by, a leading consumer lifestyle publication in the UK.

"At Zepp Health, we’re empowering athletes with elite-level performance and recovery analysis right at their fingertips. With our Zepp App now seamlessly integrating data from both the athlete’s smartwatch and their Amazfit Helio Ring, they will have complete access to all their insights in one place. It’s not just about monitoring; it’s about leveraging every bit of insight to push boundaries, unlock potential, and redefine athletic excellence." said Wayne Huang, CEO of Zepp Health.

Redefining Athletic Recovery

The Amazfit Helio Ring reaches its full potential when paired with an Amazfit smartwatch, such as the acclaimed Amazfit Cheetah Pro and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra. The Zepp App seamlessly amalgamates information from the user’s watch and ring, eliminating the need for navigation between multiple applications to access workout and sleep data. This unified platform offers athletes a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, solution for 24/7 health and fitness monitoring, merging performance data from their Amazfit smartwatch with invaluable recovery insights from the Amazfit Helio Ring.

As a lightweight wearable worn on the finger, the Amazfit Helio Ring is ideal for tracking recovery. Crafted from skin-friendly titanium alloy, this smart ring is a more compact and comfortable wearable than a smartwatch to wear while sleeping, and the sensor’s proximity to the user’s pulse enables even more accurate health data measurement – resulting in unparalleled recovery monitoring, analysis, and guidance when data is collated in the Zepp App, for athletes looking to pursue every competitive edge.

Recognizing the integral role of both mind and body in athletic performance, the Amazfit Helio Ring meticulously monitors comprehensive sleep data related to the user’s mental and physical condition, which is translated into an intuitive daily Readiness score through the Zepp App. This score, along with other key recovery metrics, including sleep score, full recovery time, sleep heart rate variability, and sleep resting heart rate, are collected in the new recovery overview in the Zepp App.

This invaluable addition, conveniently showcased at the top of the Zepp App’s homepage, provides users with quick and clear insights into their athletic condition, enabling them to optimize their training and recovery routines for peak performance.

Product Availability & Pricing

For those seeking maximum value and performance enhancement, Amazfit will offer bundled solutions with its Amazfit Cheetah Pro and T-Rex Ultra smartwatches. When paired with these smartwatches, the Amazfit Helio Ring is priced at $149.99. The full bundle pricing details will be announced shortly.

By leveraging Amazfit bundled solutions, athletes gain access to a comprehensive performance optimization system that integrates seamlessly into their training routines. This combination of cutting-edge technology and unbeatable value ensures that athletes can unlock their full potential without compromise.

The global rollout plan will be announced shortly.

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About Zepp Health

Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a global smart wearable and health technology leader, empowers users to live their healthiest lives by optimizing their health, fitness, and wellness journeys through its leading consumer brands, Amazfit, Zepp Clarity, and Zepp Aura. Powered by its proprietary Zepp Digital Health Management Platform, which includes the Zepp OS, AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms, it delivers cloud-based 24/7 actionable insights and guidance to help users attain their wellness goals.

With outstanding craftsmanship, Amazfit smartwatches have won many design awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Launched in 2015, Amazfit is today embraced by millions of users.

To date, Zepp Health has shipped over 200 million units and its products are available in 90+ countries. Founded in 2013, Zepp Health has 1000+ employees and offices across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. For more information, visit

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