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Ambpomial Active Probiotic Yogurt Shines at the European Microbiome and Probiotics Forum, Demonstrating Its Innovative Strength to the World

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 12th Microbiome and Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum was held with great fanfare in The Hague, Netherlands from April 23rd to 24th, 2024. This prestigious conference is a leading event in the probiotics sector, drawing together a diverse array of experts, scholars, and industry leaders from worldwide.

As a pioneer in the commercial application of probiotics in China, Ambpomial, a yogurt brand with a national reputation, was honored with an invitation to such a prestigious event as the Official Yogurt Provider. With a world-first breakthrough, Ambpomial’s ambient-stable yogurt has achieved a significant leap in the field of probiotic yogurt production by overcoming the long-standing technical challenge of probiotic inactivation in ambient yogurt, thus becoming a highlight of the forum. Ambpomial has successfully incorporated 1 billion CFU of the globally renowned active probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, into each bottle of yogurt. Ambpomial’s ambient-stable yogurt is better aligned with the Chinese preference for warm food, offering consumers a healthier and more delicious option.

Dr. Gerrit Smit, Managing Director from Yili Innovation Center Europe of Yili Group stated at the forum that Ambpomial’s ADI technology, which means addition process of specific probiotics after product sterilization, results from five years of preparation, two years of intensive research, and over a hundred innovative experiments. This technological milestone has overcome several scientific barriers, such as probiotic inactivation in ambient yogurt, product post-acidification, and packaging swelling, thus pioneering the industry.

Dr. Erwin Gerard Zoetendal, an academic in gut microbiota, and Mr. Lars Bredmose, an expert from Novonesis, also weighed in on Ambpomial’s technology breakthrough at the forum. They believe that this technology holds immense potential for future applications.

During the forum, Ambpomial invited a young scholar from China in probiotics to have on-site exchanges with European universities and probiotic companies. By providing industry-university research resource links for young academic groups, Ambpomial is also helping to cultivate core talents in probiotics in China. With the company’s scientific research investment, Ambpomial is using innovation to promote the industry’s long-term development. Recently, Ambpomial made an international appearance on the cover of Dairy Industries International magazine. Taking these as a new starting point, Ambpomial continues to craft and optimize probiotic yogurt products, aiming to be the pioneer brand in healthy yogurt, and bringing new growth opportunities to the dairy market.

Source : Ambpomial Active Probiotic Yogurt Shines at the European Microbiome and Probiotics Forum, Demonstrating Its Innovative Strength to the World


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