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Neusoft Launches OneCoreGo® Global In-Vehicle Intelligent Mobility Solutions 5.0

BEIJING, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, at Auto China 2024, Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft, SSE:600718) launched OneCoreGo® Global In-Vehicle Intelligent Mobility Solutions 5.0, showcasing its innovative achievements in the AI+ Automotive field. It’s also one of the series of products developed under Neusoft’s intelligent solution strategy.

Since the 1990s, Neusoft has provided an extensive array of navigation products to the global market. The newly launched OneCoreGo® Global In-Vehicle Intelligent Mobility Solutions 5.0 further enhances Neusoft’s in-vehicle ecosystem. By establishing the One Map, One Sight and One Store product systems, OneCoreGo® goes beyond technological products to mobility experience, empowering global automakers to create more extraordinary in-vehicle intelligent experiences for consumers.

One Map: Addressing Diverse Mobility Needs

Operating on a unified map platform, Neusoft enhances its four core products: Global Navigation, EHP, ISA and DR. Neusoft Global Navigation integrates advanced AI technologies, and incorporates NLP large model techniques to develop "AI Pilot" for users. It crafts a 3D map interface using a 3D engine, to help users gain a better understanding of the navigation cues. By leveraging V2X technology, it also provides multiple functions such as green wave speed guidance, pedestrian collision warning, and collaborative merging, etc. to further enhance driving safety and traffic efficiency.

One Sight: Creating Immersive Driving Experience

Neusoft AR products have undergone four technological iterations and upgraded to AR For Car. The latest upgrade incorporates Mixed Reality, which enables deep integration of virtual information with real-world scenes through AR technology, providing users with more intuitive and precise navigation guidance. And the Lane AR feature leverages cameras and sensors to capture real-time road information, combined with SD Map, to display key visual cues for drivers such as intersections and turns in their field of view, helping them easily understand and follow the navigation prompts.

One Store: Enhancing the Global In-Vehicle App Ecosystem

With the concept of "user-centricity, ecosystem integration, and regional adaptation", Neusoft has developed One Store global in-vehicle app ecosystem. Based on intelligent cockpit, it covers a wide range of contents including audio-video entertainment, social interaction, real-time navigation, and common tools, etc. With One Store, automakers can obtain full suite of in-vehicle app ecosystem based on user preferences in different regions, saving time and effort in selecting, evaluating, and liaising with third-party service providers.

Mr. Rong Xinjie, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Neusoft stated: "In 2024, Neusoft is carrying out the intelligent solution strategy, to develop AI-enabled solutions, data value-based solutions, and service-oriented solutions. The launch of OneCoreGo® Global In-Vehicle Intelligent Mobility Solutions 5.0 will further integrates Neusoft’s digital and intelligent capabilities to empower global mobility. In the future, Neusoft will continue to align closely with industry trends and customer needs, keep innovating in technology and products, and work with global ecosystem partners to build an open, cooperative, and win-win in-vehicle app ecosystem, bringing new opportunities and momentum for the development of auto industry."

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Source : Neusoft Launches OneCoreGo® Global In-Vehicle Intelligent Mobility Solutions 5.0


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