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JETOUR's Annual Business Conference Unites Global Dealers to Forge 'Together & Beyond' in Pioneering Innovation

BEIJING, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At JETOUR Auto’s Annual Business Conference in Beijing, over 500 global dealers gathered to celebrate the company’s growth and to strategize for the future under the "Together & Beyond" theme. The event underscored JETOUR’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in a bid to expand its international presence.

Over 500 global dealers gathered in Beijing at JETOUR Auto’s Annual Business Conference

In a year of significant achievements, JETOUR’s international sales have soared, attributed to the popularity of models like DASHING and X70 series, known for their quality and design, earning top sales in various countries.

The conference spotlighted the T series, representing a bold step into the realm of light off-road SUVs with a distinctive travel-oriented design philosophy. This new lineup is expected to redefine the mid-sized SUV segment by integrating the spirit of adventure with everyday practicality. The T1 model, which is set to premiere at the end of this year, is specifically designed to appeal to those who seek a vehicle that combines a high-quality interior experience with capable off-road performance.

The launch of the T2 model further fueled the brand’s popularity in the Chinese and Middle Eastern light off-road market. This strategic rollout of the T series will be complemented by the future release of the T5 and T7 models, as well as the P3—a trendy ultra-hybrid pickup, reflecting JETOUR’s dedication to providing comprehensive off-road capabilities, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

"JETOUR is an enterprise that adheres to a long-term strategy. Every step of our growth reflects JETOUR’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction," said Li XueYong, President of JETOUR Auto, emphasizing the brand’s foundational principles.

The "Travel +" philosophy, a cornerstone of JETOUR’s approach, integrates various lifestyle elements into the travel experience, aiming to deliver not just a vehicle but an extension of the consumer’s life. The brand’s strategy aligns with creating a diverse product range that caters to these personalized travel needs.

"From product design to eco expansion, even to lifestyle creation, always based on user travel needs. We are committed to crafting vehicles that make every journey unique," affirmed Ke ChuanDeng, Vice President of JETOUR Auto.

The conference also served as a stage for revealing JETOUR’s ambitious 2030 Development Strategy, which involves establishing 10 KD manufacturing plants, penetrating over 80 markets, surpassing a sales volume of over 1 million vehicles, and expanding the distribution network to more than 1600 outlets, particularly focusing on the X series models to conquer the family travel market and the acceleration of off-road and hybrid product introductions.

"We are confident that JETOUR AUTO will achieve 300 thousand in 2024. Looking into the future, JETOUR aims to solidify its position as a major global contender in the automotive industry," stated Jack Chen, General Manager of JETOUR Auto International, outlining the company’s sales targets and vision. We are committed to expanding our global operational capabilities, strengthening our local value chains, and increasing our ecological operational capacities with our local partners to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for JETOUR."

The success of JETOUR is inextricably linked to its robust dealer network. The conference honored top-performing dealers and reaffirmed the shared commitment to achieve the company’s aspirational goals.

With a clear focus on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, JETOUR aims to not only expand its global footprint but also to leave an indelible mark on the automotive industry and consumers worldwide, truly capturing the spirit of "Together & Beyond."

Source : JETOUR's Annual Business Conference Unites Global Dealers to Forge 'Together & Beyond' in Pioneering Innovation


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