PHANG NGA (NNT) – The authorities have rushed to relocate 130 leatherback turtle eggs laid at a beach in Phang Nga to a safer spot. There are 130 eggs in total and 114 of them are fertile.

Mr Prachuap Mokharat, Director of the Marine Resource Conservation Division, and authorities from relevant agencies inspected the traces of a large turtle that had laid eggs on Khuk Khak Beach, Moo 6, Khuekkhak subdistrict, Takua Pa district, Phang Nga province, after being informed by a local fisherman who was looking for krill on the beach.

The authorities found that the sixth leatherback turtle egg nest was at a spot that lacked sunlight and was near many tree roots. The eggs were relocated to a safer place which is about 25-30 meters away from the original spot. It is an open area where possible threats can be seen at all times. The authorities installed a thermometer which will be able to predict the time when the baby turtles will be hatched. The eggs usually take about 45-60 days to hatch. A fence was set up around the new nest site which will be continually monitored. Phang Nga Leatherback Turtle Situation Surveillance and Monitoring Center will supervise the incubation of the leatherback turtle eggs according to academic principles, in order to ensure a high hatch rate so that the baby turtles can be safely released into the sea.

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