BANGKOK(NNT)-Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization has revealed the successful outcome of its technical campaign promoting knowledge of climate change and creating an international academic network, to help encourage the general public to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization’s (TGO) Executive Director Kiatchai Maitriwong, has revealed successful outcomes from the organisation’s 3-year technical skills enhancement campaign on climate change, which has helped in promoting skills and knowhow for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, among officials and academics from 10 ASEAN countries.

The campaign has received support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), providing six training programs on greenhouse gas, the implementation of more eco-friendly technology, waste and waste-water management, in-depth analysis and measurement of greenhouse gas, as well as the promotion of low carbon businesses.

After the conclusion of the campaign, TGO will further develop these programs into a Thai language course, along with the establishment of a learning center on climate change, to promote the knowledge to officials and employees of government agencies, and private firms across the country.

TGO has also disclosed the outcomes of its campaigns for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, including the introduction of carbon credits, a campaign that is expected to help reduce 3.0 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of carbon offsets, as well as the carbon label for products that help reduce global warming.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is considered a key factor leading to changes in manufacturing processes and consumer behaviour towards sustainability, thus mitigating the country’s overall environmental impact.

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