Another beached Baby Dugong now in care in Phuket waters

PHUKET, 3 July 2019(NNT) – Baby dugong Mariam who has became a sensation with many people will soon have a baby brother, after another infant dugong was located in Krabi. The newly found beached dugong was reported to be in distress, requiring officials to feed him with milk before relocating him to the care of the Phuket Marine Biological Center

Veterinarians and staff of Phuket Marine Biological Research Center have helped feed milk to a male baby dugong found beached at Ban Bor Muang village, Sai Khao subdisttict, Khlong Thom district, Krabi province. The 3-month-old dugong weighs 25 kilograms, and was in distress and tired without the ability to balance himself when located. Severe wounds were found on about half of his body, requiring human assistance to ensure his survival.

After feeding him with milk, the veterinary team has been closely monitoring his condition. The baby dugong has shown improved health, and can now swim by himself without constant guiding. He is currently under close care inside a nursery pool.

Meanwhile, the care and development of baby dugong Mariam continues at the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, which has posted regular information on their public relations Facebook page, advising that officials at Libong Animal Sanctuary and rare marine animal veterinarians on 1st July at 2:30 were on a morning patrol to prevent Mariam from getting beached again. They found Mariam swimming at a 50 centimeter depth with the flow of the falling tide, by herself and without getting beached again.

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