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Leveraging the value of the elderly workforce in corporations

Companies recognize the strengths of hiring elderly workers for their valuable experience. Many companies in Thailand, like Tropicana Oil, Cafe Amazon, Lotus, and HomePro, actively hire and value seniors for their skills and knowledge.

The Value of Hiring Elderly Workers

Some companies are beginning to recognize the unique strengths that elderly workers bring to the table. These companies are leveraging the valuable experience of seniors to drive business growth and success.

At the recent “O-Lunla Market #2” event, various companies offered job opportunities specifically aimed at seniors. All companies involved acknowledged the benefits of having elderly staff on board, highlighting their expertise in fields such as accounting, law, marketing, HR, and engineering.

Empowering Seniors in the Workplace

Among the companies actively hiring seniors is “Cafe Amazon for Chance,” a social enterprise coffee shop expanding its workforce to over 500 outlets. Phuree Smittinet, the project manager, emphasized the patience and interpersonal skills that senior staff bring to enhance customer engagement and business warmth.

Additionally, the Lotus supermarket chain and HomePro, a retail home improvement business, are also onboard with hiring elderly employees. Numpol Trakanrat from Lotus noted the attention to detail and calm attitude of senior staff, while Chanan Wattanasoontorn from HomePro highlighted the knowledge transfer from seniors to younger colleagues, fostering growth and development within the company.


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