Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sluggish business in Bangkoks New Chinatown

Pracharat Bamphen Road in Bangkok, known as the “New Chinatown”, is facing slow business with the closure of Chinese restaurants due to competition, fewer Chinese tourists, economic slowdown in China, and crackdowns by Thai authorities.

The Decline of “New Chinatown” in Bangkok

Dubbed as the “New Chinatown” of Bangkok, Pracharat Bamphen Road, known for its Chinese hot pot restaurants and shops, is currently experiencing a decrease in trade leading to the closures of mala and shabu restaurants. The fierce competition among Chinese restaurants, along with a decline in Chinese tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in the economic slowdown in the area. Despite a slight increase in Chinese tourist numbers, it still remains significantly lower compared to pre-COVID years.

Impact on Businesses and Regulations

The economic downturn in China, leading to a decrease in arrivals, coupled with crackdowns by Thai authorities on unregistered restaurants, have contributed to the closure of several establishments on Pracharat Bamphen Road. While some Chinese tourists still frequent the area, the overall atmosphere has been described as lacklustre this year. Meanwhile, the Huai Khwang district has seen an increase in Chinese entrepreneurs partnering with Thai businesses, with the number of business licences applications rising to 80 this year from around 60 last year.


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