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More incentives for growers to not burn sugarcane before harvesting

Thailand’s Cane and Sugar Board will propose increased incentives for sugarcane growers not to burn crops before harvesting due to the current price difference not being enough. Sugarcane milling for 2023-24 crop year has begun with 70.23 million tonnes projected to be milled. Hot spots of burned cane in 47 provinces account for 5.98% of total detected. The top five sugar millers accepting burned sugarcane are Thai Rungruang Industry, Mitr Kalasin Sugar, Kaset Thai International, Udon Thani Sugar and Mitr Phol Sugar. It is suggested that more customers for cane leaves should be encouraged to help reduce cane burning.

Thailand’s Cane and Sugar Board Proposes Increase in Incentives for Sugarcane Growers

The Cane and Sugar Board in Thailand will recommend that the government boost incentives for sugarcane growers to abstain from burning the crop before harvesting. Virit Viseshsindhu, the board’s secretary-general, highlighted that the current price gap between fresh and burned sugarcane, along with the “no burn” subsidy, is insufficient to dissuade many growers from burning the crop, which facilitates the cutting process.

2023-24 Sugar Milling Season Highlights Need for Anti-Burning Measures

With the sugar milling season for 2023-24 ending, the board projected around 70.23 million tonnes of sugarcane to be milled this year, with only 5.98% originating from burned cane across 47 provinces. Nakhon Ratchasima reported the highest amount of burned cane, emphasizing the necessity for measures to prevent burning and promote sustainable practices in the industry.


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