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Mobile banking systems of all banks are safe and secure tba

The Thai Bankers Association reassures customers that their mobile banking apps are secure. They warn against downloading unknown programs and sharing personal information to avoid falling victim to online scammers. Meanwhile, an insurance broker has been suspended for selling customer information.

Thai Bankers Association Assures Mobile Banking Security

The Thai Bankers Association (TBA) has assured the public that their mobile banking applications are secure and safe. This follows the arrest of a programmer who claimed to have developed software that can bypass biometric scanning and transfer large amounts of money through banking applications.

TBA’s Advice to Protect against Scams

The TBA advises users to avoid downloading programs from unknown sources, refrain from sharing mobile banking passwords or one-time passwords, and to avoid scanning their face using unknown applications. They also caution against clicking on links attached to SMS messages, as banks no longer send SMS with links to their customers. The TBA also warns against the involvement in “mule” accounts, with potential legal consequences for those participating in such activities.


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