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The Dalai Lama turns 89; exiled Tibetans fear future without him

Buddhist monk in India worries about the future succession of the Dalai Lama as tensions with China rise. US legislation denies Chinese claims to Tibet, prompting hopes for negotiations.

Nechung, the Medium of Tibet’s Chief State Oracle, expresses concern at a monastery nestled beneath the snow-capped mountains of northern India. With the Dalai Lama turning 89, China asserts its authority in choosing his successor as Tibet’s spiritual leader. This leaves Nechung contemplating what the future holds for Tibet.

Tibetan Buddhists believe in reincarnation, with monastics believed to be reborn after death. The Dalai Lama, currently recovering in the United States, plans to clarify succession questions around his ninetieth birthday. Concerns arise over potential loss of momentum if a successor is inexperienced, sparking worries about the movement’s future amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington.

In a strategic shift, U.S. lawmakers visit the Dalai Lama in celebration of Congress passing a bill countering Chinese claims on Tibet. The Central Tibetan Administration lobbies countries to undermine Beijing’s narrative. The Dalai Lama’s office is open to discussions about his personal future with Beijing, but China urges Biden not to sign the bill. Succession remains a critical issue as Tibet prepares for a future without the influential presence of the Dalai Lama.

Source : The Dalai Lama turns 89; exiled Tibetans fear future without him


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