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Taiwan singer urges awards audience to remember Tiananmen

Taiwanese singer Panai calls for remembrance of Tiananmen Square crackdown at Golden Melody Awards, highlighting tension between Taiwan and China. China silent on issue. Importance of democracy stressed.

At the Golden Melody Awards in Taipei, Taiwanese singer and activist Panai used her platform to remind the audience of China’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989. This controversial reference may strain already tense relations between Taiwan and China, as Chinese artists have avoided attending the awards in recent years. Despite potential backlash, Panai stressed the importance of remembering the tragic event, emphasizing the need to cherish Taiwan’s hard-fought democracy.

Speaking out on stage after winning for best Taiwanese language album, Panai highlighted the 35th anniversary of the Golden Melody Awards and the 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident. The violent suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations by Chinese tanks remains a taboo topic in China, while it is freely discussed in Taiwan. Panai, who advocates for Taiwan’s Indigenous rights, urged the audience to protect freedom of speech and democracy in the face of potential intimidation from larger powers.

Although Chinese singers were notably absent at this year’s awards, Taiwan’s cultural influence, especially in the realm of pop music, extends widely across East Asia. Despite the political tensions between Taiwan and China, the Golden Melody Awards continue to promote diverse languages and celebrate artists singing in various dialects, showcasing the government’s efforts to preserve and promote once suppressed indigenous tongues and cultural heritage.

Source : Taiwan singer urges awards audience to remember Tiananmen


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