Thursday, July 18, 2024

Taiwan intensifies war games in response to rising ‘threat’ from China

This year’s Taiwan war games will focus on simulating real combat against increasing threats from China. The drills will include night exercises in Taipei to prepare for potential challenges.

Taiwan’s annual war games are set to closely simulate real combat this year, moving away from simply showcasing to actively preparing for potential conflict in light of a growing threat from China. As tensions escalate, China continues to conduct exercises near Taiwan, pressuring Taipei to acknowledge Beijing’s claim of sovereignty over the island. The five-day Han Kuang exercises beginning on July 22 will prioritize realistic combat scenarios to better address evolving enemy threats.

A senior Taiwan defense official emphasized the urgent need to adapt combat drills to the changing security landscape. The focus is shifting towards comprehensive training, with the cancellation of mere show demonstrations in favor of mission-critical exercises. This year’s war games will feature nighttime operations and incorporate the capital city of Taipei to enhance training effectiveness and immerse soldiers in a more authentic experience.

China’s defense ministry has yet to comment on the upcoming war games, having previously dismissed Taiwan’s attempts to resist reunification through military means. The drills aim to test the military’s response to various scenarios, including breaking a blockade at sea and countering sudden hostile maneuvers by China. As Taiwan braces for potential aggression, the need for realistic and rigorous training is paramount to ensure readiness and effectiveness in the face of mounting challenges.

Source : Taiwan intensifies war games in response to rising ‘threat’ from China


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