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North Korea, China Commit to Bolster Ties in High-Level Beijing Talks

North Korean and Chinese officials met in Beijing to strengthen bilateral ties after COVID-19 lockdowns. Leaders reaffirmed their strategic friendship and discussed future cooperation in diplomatic engagement and trade.

North Korean and Chinese officials recently met in Beijing to strengthen their bilateral ties, according to North Korean media on Sunday. The meeting, which took place amid Pyongyang’s efforts to increase diplomatic engagement following COVID-19 lockdowns, involved a delegation led by Kim Song Nam, the head of the International Department of the ruling Workers’ Party Central Committee. This visit is part of North Korea’s ongoing efforts to maintain close ties with countries in the region.

During the meeting, China’s fourth-ranked leader, Wang Huning, affirmed the enduring strength of the China-DPRK friendship as a strategic choice that will not falter despite changes in the international situation. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping have also expressed their commitment to closer ties, with Wang conveying Xi’s message of warm wishes to Kim. Despite tough border restrictions implemented during the pandemic, North Korea has begun to ease restrictions and resume diplomatic engagements with countries like Russia and China.

Kim Song Nam also held talks with Cai Qi, the head of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of China, and Liu Jianchao, who oversees foreign political party relations in China. Cai emphasized the friendship between the two countries as being “formed in blood” and expressed optimism for a brighter future under the strategic guidance of Xi and Kim. North Korea’s recent efforts to increase diplomatic engagements and trade relations suggest a shift in its isolationist policies towards greater engagement with its regional allies.

Source : North Korea, China Commit to Bolster Ties in High-Level Beijing Talks


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