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A Former Portuguese Macao Colony Strives to Holds Onto Its Unique Culture

Macao is a major gaming hub with a unique Macanese ethnic group. Concerns have risen about the erosion of its identity 25 years after reversion to China.

Macao, often referred to as “the Las Vegas of Asia” due to its extravagant casinos and thriving gaming industry, is also home to a distinctive ethnic group known as the Macanese. However, concerns have arisen within the Macanese community regarding the potential erosion of Macao’s unique identity, 25 years after the territory was handed over from Portuguese control to China. Reporter Cindy Sui sheds light on the reasons behind these worries, providing insight into the current situation in Macao.

The glitzy casinos and bustling gaming industry in Macao have long been emblematic of the region, but the Macanese community is grappling with fears of losing its distinct cultural identity. As the former Portuguese colony celebrates 25 years under Chinese sovereignty, concerns persist among some Macanese about the preservation of their heritage in the face of modernization and societal changes.

Reporter Cindy Sui delves into the concerns voiced by the Macanese community in Macao, shedding light on the challenges they face in maintaining their unique ethnic identity in a rapidly transforming environment. Despite the territory’s economic prosperity, some Macanese worry that their cultural heritage may be at risk of diminishing over time.

Source : A Former Portuguese Macao Colony Strives to Holds Onto Its Unique Culture


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