Wednesday, December 6, 2023



Mobile banking systems of all banks are safe and secure tba

The Thai Bankers Association reassures customers that their mobile banking apps are secure. They warn against downloading unknown programs and sharing personal information to...

Digital Wallet Stipend Program Discussed in Senate Talks

Senate discusses criticisms of government's economic stimulus program; potential changes and delays expected. Stakeholders call for cancellation.

Commerce Ministry Ready to Withdraw Sugar from Controlled Product List

Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai has stated that his ministry is ready to remove sugar from the list of price-controlled products, if all stakeholders agree....

Government Contemplates Providing 10,000-Baht Digital Wallet Stipend

Government discusses eligibility criteria for a 10,000-baht digital wallet stipend to stimulate the economy. Different proposals for disbursement methods are being considered.

Private sector wants digital wallet scheme launch next April Sanan

Sanan Angubolkul, president of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade, urges the government to launch the digital wallet scheme next April...

SCB EIC predicts exports expansion by 2024 following rebound in August

Thai exports in August 2023 grew by 2.6%, reaching USD 24.3 billion. Exports to China increased by 1.9%, while ASEAN and US exports fluctuated. The trade balance was supported by special purpose motor vehicle transfers. Forecast for 2023 exports revised to -1.5%, but a 3.5% expansion is expected in 2024. Hurdles include tightened monetary policies and drought conditions. Source: Thailand Business News

Thai central bank aims to cut household debt to 80% of GDP

The Bank of Thailand is planning four measures to lower Thailand's household debt, currently at 90.7% of GDP. This includes responsible lending, addressing chronic...

TAT and AIS 5G launch ‘Welcome Back to Thailand’ campaign

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has partnered with AIS 5G to launch the 'Welcome Back to Thailand' campaign. Tourists will be offered a special...

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