Monday, July 22, 2024



400 baht national minimum wage not yet resolved by wage committee

The tri-partite wage committee in Thailand is unable to finalize the 400-baht national minimum wage until receiving proposed rates from provinces by July 31st....

World Bank cuts GDP growth forecast for Thailand to 2.4%

World Bank & UOB downgrade Thailand's 2024 GDP forecast to 2.4% due to slow export recovery & global economic uncertainties. 📉🏦

The three top foreign buyers of condo units in Thailand

Chinese, Russian, and Myanmar nationals purchased 14,500 Thai condominium units worth 73 billion baht in 2021. Foreign demand is increasing, especially in Phuket, prompting...

Transforming Thailand’s Capital Market: From Challenges to Opportunities

Thailand's economy, despite facing domestic political instability, global conflicts, and the pandemic, has shown resilience and growth potential. The stock market indicates a positive...

Global Growth to Stabilize for the First Time in Three Years

Global economy stabilizing in 2024 at weaker level compared to pre-COVID decade. 80% of world to experience slower growth. Regional variations exist.

Leveraging the value of the elderly workforce in corporations

Companies recognize the strengths of hiring elderly workers for their valuable experience. Many companies in Thailand, like Tropicana Oil, Cafe Amazon, Lotus, and HomePro,...

Thailand’s Leap into the Future: The Plan to Create 280,000 New IT Jobs

Thailand plans to create 280,000 tech jobs in 5 years to become a high-tech hub, focusing on semiconductors, EVs, and AI. Challenges include skilled workforce, education gaps, and transitioning informal workers. Tech sector drives economic growth and innovation, creating new job opportunities and attracting investments. The synergy between technology and economic strategy is crucial for Thailand's future success.

Court spares Office of Insurance Commission in Bt40 billion lawsuit

The Central Administrative Court dismissed a Bt40 billion lawsuit against the Office of the Insurance Commission by Syn Mun Kong Insurance related to banning...

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