Thursday, June 20, 2024

Millions of Thai workers struggling every day look to election promises for relief from hardship.

Thai workers are hopeful for relief from their daily struggles as politicians promise changes ahead of the country’s upcoming election. The promises seek to address issues such as low wages, high living costs, and lack of job security.

Workers in Thailand are skeptical of election campaign promises to raise salaries and tackle economic hardship, with security guards in particular feeling forgotten and neglected. The Labor Network for People’s Rights, an advocacy group, has called for a range of demands, including the right to form unions, abolishing violence and harassment at workplaces, electing the Social Security Office Board and a fund to compensate unfairly fired workers among other demands. Pheu Thai has promised to raise minimum daily wages and introduce a negative income tax subsidy, while both Move Forward and Palang Pracharath are pledging significant raises in starting salaries and minimum daily wages. Criticisms from experts suggest a broader economic picture should be focused on, boosting productivity, immunity and inclusivity, by building skills, offering welfare protections and curbing inequalities.

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