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mai welcomes smart door and wall supplier “PANEL” on Feb 22


PanelesMatic Solutions pcl will be listed on mai under the ticker symbol “PANEL” with a market capitalization of THB 699.20 million. The company specializes in movable soundproof partitions and operating room doors. Proceeds from the IPO will be used for expansion and repay loans.

Listing of PanelesMatic Solutions pcl on mai

PanelesMatic Solutions pcl, a specialized supplier for movable soundproof partitions, automatic operating room doors and smart access control systems, is set to be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) under the ticker symbol “PANEL” on Feb 22. The company’s initial public offering (IPO) market capitalization is valued at THB 699.20 million (approx. USD 19.39 million).

PANEL’s Products and Financial Details

PANEL is a manufacturer and distributor of interior products for general buildings including movable soundproof partitions, glass doors, and automated door systems. The company also imports and distributes products made in Spain for use in hospitals. With a paid-up capital of THB 95 million, PANEL generated revenue from various products and services, with an IPO price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of 29.72 times. The company’s CEO Julia W Petpaisit also highlighted the intended use of the proceeds from the IPO and major shareholders after the listing.


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