Thursday, June 20, 2024

SET signs MOU with SCG Lampang and Association of Lampang Learning on Community Forest in an initiative to create a sustainability development model


SET, SCG Lampang, and the Association of Lampang Learning on Community Forest signed an MOU to collaborate on the “SET Sustainable Forest for Community” project in Lampang province. The project aims to create sustainability and empower the community through inclusive work processes and a focus on ESG aspects. Lampang province supports the project as part of its strategic plan for sustainable development and aims to become a livable and smart city. The collaboration will involve the government, private sector, social sector, and volunteers to achieve sustainable conservation, restoration, and management of natural resources and the environment.

The Collaboration for Sustainable Forest in Lampang Province

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the Siam Cement (Lampang) Co., Ltd. (SCG Lampang) and Association of Lampang Learning on Community Forest have signed an MOU to carry out the “SET Sustainable Forest for Community” project. The collaboration aims to enhance community works in Lampang province based on inclusive processes, focusing on sustainability in every dimension, and reinforcing the province’s sustainability strategy.

Empowering Sustainability through Collaboration

SET Senior Executive Vice President, Rongrak Phanapavudhikul, emphasizes the role of SET as a hub for capital access, encouraging accountability to stakeholders and addressing ESG aspects. The MOU signifies a common intention to synergize strengths for community, society and environment sustainability. The collaboration will also support education, career enhancement, and financial literacy among the youth and community members. The project aligns with Lampang province’s strategic plan for sustainable development, focusing on knowledge-based development and creating a livable urban environment.


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