Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New savings lottery tickets could be launched next year

Finance Ministry plans digital lottery for retirement savings, priced at 50 baht each. Members of National Savings Fund and freelancers eligible to buy 60 tickets per month. Prizes of 1 million and 10,000 worth 1,000 baht.

Finance Ministry Introduces Digital Lottery for Retirement Savings

The Finance Ministry is set to launch a new digital lottery to encourage individuals to save for retirement. Deputy Finance Minister Paopoom Rojanasakul revealed that the lottery tickets will be priced at 50 baht each and will be sold to members of the National Savings Fund and freelancers under Section 40 of the Social Security Act.

Lottery Details and Prizes

Each individual can purchase up to 60 tickets per month, with a maximum value of 3,000 baht. Drawn every Friday at 5pm, the lottery offers five first prizes of one million baht each, along with 10,000 second prizes valued at 1,000 baht. The funds from ticket sales will be saved in the buyers’ accounts, accessible when they turn 60 years old. The new lottery is expected to roll out next year.


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