Monday, May 20, 2024

Diesel price increase 50 satang per litre Saturday

Fuel Fund raises diesel price by 50 satang to 30.44 baht/litre, with subsidy increase to 4.77 baht/litre. Global price fluctuations cited as reason, aiming to improve Fund’s cash flow.

Fuel Fund Increases Diesel Price

The Fuel Fund’s executive committee has decided to raise diesel prices by 50 satang, bringing it to 30.44 baht per litre starting tomorrow. This decision was made in order to improve the cash flow of the Oil Fuel Fund, which was in the red by 99.82 billion baht as of March 31, with significant amounts attributed to diesel and LPG expenses.

Global Factors Influence Price Hike

Wisak Watanasap, director of the Office of Oil Fuel Fund, noted that the increase is a response to global diesel price fluctuations caused by conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. The recent jump in diesel prices on the world market has added pressure, but it is necessary to maintain a balance without overly burdening consumers in Thailand, who currently use around 71 million litres of diesel daily.


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