Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dior Postpones Hong Kong Fashion Show ‘Indefinitely’

Dior postpones Hong Kong fashion show, impacting city’s economic ambitions. Louis Vuitton’s previous show boosted Hong Kong’s international image, highlighting the city’s efforts to attract luxury brands and events.

Dior has decided to postpone its fashion show in Hong Kong, originally scheduled for next month. This move comes as a setback for the city’s efforts to revitalize its economy through major events. Hong Kong has been actively trying to attract top international celebrities and brands to help improve its reputation, which has been tarnished by social unrest and pandemic restrictions.

The fashion show was set to feature artistic director Kim Jones showcasing the men’s autumn collection. Hong Kong’s culture, sports, and tourism chief, Kevin Yeung, had touted this as one of several “mega events” planned to establish the city as a premier event destination. However, organizers have notified Yeung’s office that the show will not take place as planned on March 23.

Dior stated that the show has been “postponed indefinitely,” without providing further details. It was estimated to cost around $100 million and expected to draw nearly 1,000 attendees. Previously, Louis Vuitton had successfully held a men’s pre-fall 2024 show in Hong Kong, led by creative director Pharrell Williams, which received significant attention and highlighted the luxury brand’s commitment to Asian markets.

Source : Dior Postpones Hong Kong Fashion Show ‘Indefinitely’


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