Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Thailand to charge 300 bahts tourist tax starting from June

The 300-baht rate would apply to visitors who arrive by air, while a reduced 150-baht fee will apply for those entering the country via water and land transport.

The fee will be cheaper for those arriving by water and land because they are likely to stay in the country for only a few days. Visitors who do not stay overnight, diplomats, and work permit holders will be exempted from the fee.

Thai authorities have long considered an entry fee for foreign travellers, but its enforcement was delayed by the pandemic.

Since October 2022, when the country lifted all Covid related entry limitations, Thailand is experiencing a significant increase in visitors. Moreover, as a result of the elimination of pandemic-era restrictions and China’s decision to discontinue its zero-Covid policy, tourism entries are now getting close to pre-pandemic era.

According to some estimates, the number of foreign visitors arriving in the country could reach 30 million this year, nearly tripling from 11.2 million in 2022. Pre-pandemic 2019 saw a record-breaking 40 million arrivals.

This year, the government anticipates receiving roughly 3.9 billion baht in fees; a portion of which will go toward providing health and accident insurance for visitors while they are in Thailand.

Thailand to charge 300 bahts tourist tax starting from June – Thailand News

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