Officials have been urged to provide live reports on flood situations in order to feed accurate and reliable  information to agents around the world.  PATA chief Martin Craigs.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association has urged Thai authorities to begin offering live reports, as this would also help with the nation’s recovery by winning back the confidence of tourists. PATA chief executive Martin Craigs met with head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Suraphon Svetasreni, saying that the country’s official tourism authority would ensure accurate information was broadcast throughout the world during the post-crisis recovery phase. He said that it was vital for the TAT and other industry stakeholders to provide a flow of accurate and up-to-date information from the ground to travel agents worldwide. “Webcams are a good idea. As are vox-pop, on-the-ground interviews with real tourists on Bangkok streets,” Craigs said. Koh Samui is still open and as beautiful as ever. “PATA’s head office and the PATA Rapid Recovery Task Force will assist the TAT in the recovery.” The PATA is contributing to fight the misconceptions to potential overseas tourists that most of the country is flooded. On Monday, the association issued a press release for foreign tourism industry professionals, encouraging people to visit the Kingdom as their presence would considerably help the industry recover. PATA said that the main impact of the flooding was felt throughout the Central provinces and in the capital, Bangkok.  The organisation’s head office has been operating normally throughout the crisis.

The organisation predicts that the Thai tourism industry will experience a quick recovery.

The association aims to work with the Thai government to help contribute to a speedy recovery. “As I have observed during 30 years of visiting and now living in Thailand, the Thai people and its travel and tourism industry are resilient. PATA pledges its support to a full tourism recovery in Thailand and nearby destinations,” he said. PATA also noted that while the inner suburbs of Bangkok remained dry, the situation was not as devastating as played out by foreign reporters.  He said that only a few parts of Bangkok and some of the surrounding provinces became affected by flooding, and tourism throughout the rest of the country was running as normal.

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