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So What’s Inside The iPhone 4S? (AAPL)

We love a good teardown, and our pals over at iFixit never fail to disappoint. They got their hands on a brand new iPhone 4S about a day early, and immediately ripped it apart. By now we know the iPhone 4S is mostly an internal upgrade. So what are the most interesting things iFixit found inside? The iPhone 4S battery packs a little more power than the iPhone 4 battery. Unfortunately, since the iPhone 4S processor requires more juice, the standyby time is actually 100 hours less than the iPhone 4's. Shocker: There's only 512 MB of RAM. Many expected 1 GB of RAM as Apple has a reputation for doubling the iPhone memory every year. The A5 processor is there too. Dual core, 1 GHz. To see the rest of the teardown, along with some silly commentary by Siri, head over to iFixit . You can also check out iFixit's teardown video below: Please follow SAI: Tools on Twitter and Facebook . Join the conversation about this story

HULU: We Couldn’t Get Some Sucker To Overpay For The Company So We’re Not Selling

Hulu has decided to stop trying to sell itself, Peter Kafka reports . The company's owners didn't explain why they pulled themselves off the block, but the answer's obvious: They couldn't find anyone willing to pay their price. And that's understandable. Because although Hulu has built a wonderful video product, the product is meaningless (and mostly valueless) without the content. And given that most of the key content is provided by the company's equity owners, the moment those owners sell their stakes, their incentive to keep sharing their content on reasonable terms evaporates. And Hulu's prospective buyers, presumably--which included Yahoo , Google , Amazon , and DISH Network--were smart enough to figure out what they would be left holding if they did pony up and pay Hulu's price. (The bag.) The next key question is whether Hulu's awesome CEO Jason Kilar is staying. Because if he isn't, the company may be hard-pressed to find someone with such a clear product vision who can stand working for so many competing interests. Please follow SAI on Twitter and Facebook . Join the conversation about this story

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