BANGKOK (NNT) – The Minister of a Digital Economy and Society has advised that the government and developers of the Mor Chana contact tracing application are still working together, with the system now transferred into the government’s control to better support more users.

The Minister of a Digital Economy and Society, Buddhipongse Punnakanta has held a press conference together with the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA) CEO Supot Tiarawut, and the president of the Chuay Kan group Somphote Ahunai on the transition of the Mor Chana contact tracing application, to be fully contoled by the government.

The Minister of a Digital Economy and Society said today the ministry has been working with the development team of the Mor Chana app, consisting of some 100 developers, for about a year, while refuting rumors on a conflict between the developers and the government.

The Mor Chana app was first developed by volunteer developers in the Chuay Kan Group. The group has decided to transfer the app and database management duties to the government, with the DGA serving as the main agency responsible. This transfer will allow the app to better serve more users.

The Mor Chana app has now been downloaded some seven million times. The government has set a target of 20-30 million users in the future. Additional staff will be needed to assign individual users’ exposure risk status, as more people use this app.

Mr Buddhipongse said users data will be stored and managed efficiently and with maximum safety, with full compliance with related law.

The Chuay Kan Group President said today the team had started the project in February last year, and has decided to transfer the app to the government as the platform gathers more users.

He said the management of the app by the government will help reassure the general public of the level of personal data protection provided.

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