BANGKOK (NNT) – At a time, when countries are still dealing with problems associated with COVID-19, Thailand should be taking advantage of the opportunity to export more agricultural products, to generate income for the country.

Meanwhile, Bangkok’s Krirk University has hosted the 2020 National Academic Conference on Driving Research and Innovation to Reduce Social Disparity. At the conference, Mr. Chalermchai Si-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, delivered a keynote speech on “Balancing a New Way of Life with the Thai Social and Economic Condition” stating that Thailand has made internal adjustments due to the Covid-19 situation and he would like the country to use the opportunity to research the world’s food production with the goal of contributing more to the world’s nutritional needs.

As for the generation of revenue from tourism, he expressed his confidence that people worldwide want to travel to Thailand due to its safety and low cost of living. It is expected that tourism will begin to flourish again around the middle of next year.

There was also a special lecture on “Educational Innovations to help Reduce Thai Social Disparity” by Deputy Education Minister Kanokwan Wilawan. This year, more than 100 articles were submitted to the conference by students and lecturers at various institutions.

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