LAMPANG (NNT) – The Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation has promoted the “Driving Thailand Together Project” in Lampang.

Mr Anek Laothammatas, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, viewed the exhibition on advancing the country in terms of higher education, science, research and innovation to support development of Lampang in six areas: community tourism, safe agriculture, water management, waste management, information technology system and comprehensive development of pineapples. The initial operational unit has been established to support development of the province.

Lampang has more advantages than other provinces because it has received an annual budget of 300 million baht for the support of the development of Mae Moh Power Plant for five years, apart from the government’s budget. He called on Lampang people to love their hometown in order to create the desire for development of Lampang. He said he would like Lampang to build a provincial education hall to create an educational center for Lampang people, to study how to produce ceramic bowls, carriages, watershed preservation and pineapple production by allowing Lampang people to design and come up with the courses themselves. It is not necessary for universities to adopt the courses because they are meant for the general public. The government sector is ready to fully support the courses to ensure that they meet the needs of the local people.

Lampang has also asked various agencies to help solve problems related to farming, tourism, waste management, natural resources and education.

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