BANGKOK(NNT) – With continual efforts to enhance digital infrastructure, the government is now on track to implement more digital technologies to achieve its digital government goal, allowing the general public to effectively have access to technologies.

The Digital Economic and Society Committee has in its meeting followed up on the progress of technology implementation in national development and digital government transformation.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has stressed the importance of infrastructure projects and platform management, such as the creation of a data center and a central cloud platform for government data management, which will allow government agencies to work together more seamlessly.

By linking government databases, agencies will be able to serve the general public more effectively. The Prime Minister has stressed the need for development of human resources in keeping with technological advancement, and ways to improve the general public’s access to technological tools that can help them with online retailing.

Currently, the government is promoting several digital projects such as the testing of a 5G network for remote diagnosis of stroke patients at mobile stroke units, and a smart farming project expected to be a key contributor to the economy, society, and national security in the future.

The committee has approved draft bills necessary for digital development of the country, such as the Space Bill, and ethical code for Artificial Intelligence.

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