BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Education has launched its plan to promote “CODING” in schools, to improve student’s analytical thinking processes, which will be an important step for Thailand’s education reform.

“CODING,” as referred to in this press conference, is an abbreviation for Creative Thinking, Organized Thinking, Digital Literacy, Innovation, Newness, and Globalization, which are skills and mindsets needed for the 21st century.

In a press conference, at the Ministry of Education, a Deputy Minister of Education, Khun Ying Kalaya Sophonpanich, highlighted “CODING” as one of the key education reform policies, referring to it as an important skill which students need to have nowadays, which can be further adapted to other subjects.

She gave some example of technological implementation in classrooms, such as the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) 3D models to complement history lessons, while the Ministry of Education has provided one-on-one “CODING” training sessions to some 200,000 teachers, who have already started teaching the subject at several schools. The ministry will also be providing this training to other interested persons in the future.

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