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BANGKOK (NNT) – As a means of gauging the risk of COVID-19, both the general public and businesses are now encouraged to use the Thai Chana platform for customer check-ins and venue occupancy monitoring. The CCSA is however, warning the general public not to download a fake application from SMS links claiming to be the official Thai Chana app.

The Ministry of a Digital Economy and Society’s Inspector General, Dr Polawat Witoolkollachit revealed today that the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has detected fraudsters working to steal personal information from the general public, by creating fake Thai Chana applications, and luring unsuspecting smartphone users to install one of the data stealing apps.

The center has also identified spam SMS messages sent to members of the general public with a link to a fake Thai Chana application download.

Dr Polawat said the government is not the sender of the misleading message, and advised the general public not to download any such application, as the Thai Chana platform is a web-based platform that requires no application to be installed on a smartphone, adding that related agencies are investigating the fake messages, in order to find and prosecute the senders.

The general public is advised to verify the web address of the platform, which is www.thaichana.com only. They can call the toll-free 1119 hotline with any enquiries 24 hours a day.

Thai Chana is an online platform developed to facilitate the reopening of businesses. Its purpose is to allow health authorities to reach out to persons who may have been in contact with COVID-19 more effectively, through customer check-ins and check-outs.

When visiting businesses such as shops, restaurants, or shopping malls, individuals are asked to scan a QR code at the entrance using their smartphone to log their entry, and do so again when leaving to log their exit. Businesses can generate a QR code themselves by registering on the platform’s website.

According to the CCSA, some 107,000 shops have already registered on the platform, while more then 11,757,000 people have already recorded their check-ins and check-outs during shop and restaurant visits.

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