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Hundreds of TVU One Deliver Unmatched Reliability During India's Historic Election Amidst Record Heatwave

Indian media used hundreds of TVU One backpacks to cover the 2024 Indian General Elections.

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the scorching heat of a record-breaking Indian summer, hundreds of TVU One backpacks were the cornerstone of reliable media coverage during the 2024 Indian General Elections. Since May this year, temperatures across the country have repeatedly hit record highs, with some areas even exceeding 50°C. However, these TVU devices stood up to the test and supported major media outlets like NDTV, PTI, TV9, and Times Now during the elections, witnessing an unprecedented voter turnout.

Hundreds of TVU One Deliver Unmatched Reliability During India’s Historic Election Amidst Record Heatwave

Spanning from April 19 to June 1, the election featured over 968 million registered voters, with 642 million casting their votes across seven phases. The results, announced on June 4, marked a pivotal moment in India’s political narrative, extensively covered by leading networks using the robust TVU One transmission solution.

Equipped with the advanced Inverse StatMux Plus technology and HEVC video compression, the TVU One units seamlessly aggregated multiple 5G/4G signals even under the most challenging network conditions. This technology ensured continuous, high-quality live feeds from the numerous, densely populated polling stations nationwide

Despite the extreme weather conditions that could incapacitate lesser equipment, the TVU One devices, featuring a durable magnesium-aluminum alloy body and an innovative cooling system, operated flawlessly. Their resilience against heat, humidity, and dust was critical in delivering uninterrupted coverage of this monumental electoral event

The success of the TVU One units during the Indian elections not only underscores the capabilities of the participating media houses but also positions TVU Networks as a key player in global media coverage, with its solutions poised to support numerous upcoming elections around the world. As countries gear up for their electoral processes, TVU’s technology continues to empower broadcasters to deliver comprehensive and reliable news to viewers everywhere.

About TVU Networks

TVU Networks is a global organization with more than 4,000 customers using its IP and cloud-based workflow solutions across multiple industries including news, entertainment, sports, corporate, streaming, houses of worship, and government. Through the use of AI and automation-driven technology, TVU helps broadcasters realize an efficient workflow. TVU has over 100 Patents, and has been a leader in developing tools to streamline processes.

Source : Hundreds of TVU One Deliver Unmatched Reliability During India's Historic Election Amidst Record Heatwave


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