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VIAIM's Stylish VIAIM Air Earbuds Open Up a Whole New Learning and Living Experience for Local College Students in Singapore

HEFEI, China, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VIAIM, an AI technology hardware company deeply rooted in the smart office sector, continues its expansion in Singapore with its flagship VIAIM Air earbuds now available in 18 stores around the city-state. The Air earbuds appeal especially to college and graduate students, offering an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective audio experience that makes learning significantly more efficient with a long battery life, multi-language translation, multiple recording modes for all real-time transcription needs, as well as a low-latency function that is ideal for gaming.

Available in simple and stylishly classic obsidian black and sandstone white colors, the VIAIM Air earbuds feature a youthful, stylish, innovative, and hi-tech design that fits snugly into the ears and remains comfortable over long periods. The earbuds utilize advanced Bluetooth 5.3 and air conduction technology that provides a high-quality audio experience. With three recording modes, namely, call recording, on-site recording, and audio and video recording, educational content from any scenario can be easily recorded and transcribed. The VIAIM AI assistant can extract summaries from long articles with a single click. which makes reviewing super convenient and helps with knowledge retention. The ergonomic design and 40-hour ultra-long charging box and earbud battery life make the earbuds comfortable to wear all day, safe in the knowledge that full power is available, making battery anxiety a thing of the past. The real-time recording-to-text supports translation in 11 languages and boasts a transcription accuracy of up to 98%.

Local college student and VIAIM Air user, Emily Chen, commented, "I have used many types of headphones in the past, but I can’t put my VIAIM Airs down since I bought them. The ultra-long standby function supports my class times plus library reading time for a whole day. The low-latency game function means I never let my teammates down when playing games, and the game operation is one step faster than others."

VIAIM Air Product Manager, Michael Tan, commented: "We hope that through this product, we can help young people learn more efficiently while maintaining a fashionable and entertaining lifestyle."

The VIAIM Air earbuds are available in 18 stores across Singapore, including 6 Atrix stores, 3 Best Denki stores, 2 Courts stores, 6 Harvey Norman stores, and 1 Popular store.


VIAIM is a technology company that makes human-computer interaction truly practical. We have always been committed to creating high-quality products with emotion and personalization, multi-modal mixed interaction, and the ability to truly solve user problems, bringing our expectations for the future to reality through scientific and technological means, so that everyone can feel the beauty of future intelligence.

Source : VIAIM's Stylish VIAIM Air Earbuds Open Up a Whole New Learning and Living Experience for Local College Students in Singapore


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