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Isola Fullerton Global Private Alpha Fund Exclusively Partners with Goldhorse Capital to Provide Private Alternative Fund Series to Family Offices and High Net Worth Investors via B2B Channels

HONG KONG, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Isola Capital is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Goldhorse Capital Management (HK) Limited (the "Goldhorse"), allowing single family offices, multi-family offices, and Ultra High Net Worth investors to access the Isola Fullerton Global Private Alpha SP (the "Fund" or "IFGPA"). This partnership provides a unique opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of leading global private equity, venture capital, and private credit strategies, aiming to deliver consistent and repeatable returns through a bi-annual fund series.

Through this strategic partnership, Isola Capital will collaborate with Goldhorse to offer IFGPA to Goldhorse’s unique client community comprising external asset managers, multi-family offices, and other private wealth management institutions – a targeted group of accredited investors and professional investors in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

"Single family offices and multi-family offices are increasingly seeking best-in-class private alternative investment opportunities. Access to these top decile and top quartile private equity, venture capital, private credit and secondary investment opportunities are not easy to obtain. Isola Capital has partnered with Fullerton Fund Management to provide a consistent and repeatable strategy that has direct access to these top flagship investment strategies, which are curated into a bi-annual investment fund that allows investors to create a core private alternatives exposure for each vintage going forward, ensuring there is high quality diversification and performance in every vintage. IFGPA will allow investors to confidently supplement their portfolio with their own self-selection of deals and funds. We believe Goldhorse is one of the ideal partners to provide access to this groundbreaking investment strategy." said Anthony Chan, CEO, Isola Capital.

"Aspiring to become the world’s leading technology-enabled financial products intermediary, Goldhorse is constantly looking for value-added investment solutions to our private wealth institutional client community. IFGPA is unique in its portfolio construction methodology by securing allocation into top decile and top quartile private investment opportunities managed by global leading alternative asset managers. Goldhorse is thrilled by the opportunity to bring such an attractive alternative investment product on our product shelf. We are confident the product is an excellent complement to our existing sophisticated offerings in structured derivatives space" said Edward Liu, Deputy CEO of Goldhorse.

IFGPA enables investors to solve the challenge of accessing leading private alternative funds on a consistent basis, through a carefully curated portfolio co-managed by Isola Capital and Fullerton Fund Management, which features leading global private equity, venture capital and private credit strategies.

For more information, please contact:

Denise Man, Managing Director – Wealth, Isola Capital, via e-mail ([email protected]). You can also visit

Tiffany Cheung, Director, Senior Product Specialist, Goldhorse Capital, via e-mail ([email protected]). You can also visit

About Isola Capital

Isola Capital ("Isola") is a leading asset management firm based in Hong Kong and Singapore delivering B2B solutions and wealth structuring services, catering to the needs of single family offices, multi-family offices and entrepreneurs. With access to a full suite of investment product offerings including, proprietary private alternatives solutions, as well as the expertise in innovative wealth structures for complex situations, Isola Capital empowers our clients with cutting-edge tools, comprehensive support, and customised guidance to navigate today’s multifaceted business and investor landscape with confidence.

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About Fullerton Fund Management

Fullerton Fund Management ("Fullerton") is an active investment specialist, focused on optimising investment outcomes and enhancing investor experience.

Their clients include government entities, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, insurance companies, private wealth and retail, from the region and beyond, to achieve their investment objectives through our suite of solutions. Their expertise encompasses equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and treasury management, across public and private markets.

As an active manager, they place strong emphasis on performance, risk management and investment insights. Incorporated in 2003, Fullerton is headquartered in Singapore, and has associated offices in Shanghai, London and Brunei. Fullerton is part of a multi-asset management group, Seviora, a holding company established by Temasek. Income, a leading Singapore insurer, is a minority shareholder of Fullerton.

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About Goldhorse Capital             

Goldhorse Capital Management (HK) Limited ("Goldhorse") is a Hong-Kong headquartered financial products wholesale fintech B2B platform with licenses granted by the Securities and Futures Commission. With a team of specialists from both reputable buy- and sell-side financial institutions, we are dedicated to helping private wealth management clients, such as External Asset Managers (EAMs), Multi-Family Offices (MFOs), Securities Houses and Private Banks, to access to financial products and services with high operational efficiency, improved profitability and better client experience.

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Source : Isola Fullerton Global Private Alpha Fund Exclusively Partners with Goldhorse Capital to Provide Private Alternative Fund Series to Family Offices and High Net Worth Investors via B2B Channels


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