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Powerledger and Energie Steiermark Launch the First of Its Kind Blockchain-Enabled Energy Trading Solution Across Austria


  • Powerledger and Energie Steiermark launch smartCOMMUNITY energy monitoring and trading platform across Austria.
  • Energie Steiermark is one of Austria’s leading energy providers, with over 600,000 consumers.
  • smartCOMMUNITY is designed to enable prosumers not only to monitor their energy usage and production, but also to be able to share their surplus with other participants of their choice across Austria through PPAs or using Peer-to-Peer trading.
  • Moreover, prosumers have the opportunity to sell their energy at competitive rates compared to typical feed-in tariffs in Austria.

Zug, Switzerland – Newsfile Corp. – July 8, 2024 – Energy software technology company Powerledger and one of Austria’s leading energy providers, Energie Steiermark collaborated to launch a new energy trading platform called smartCOMMUNITY, which allows users to control the distribution of energy generated from their solar assets.

PowerLedger & Energie Steiermark

The smartCOMMUNITY platform was launched in July 2023 and enables residential household and business customers of Energie Steiermark to manage their surplus electricity generated from solar. The platform empowers prosumers to share their clean energy with family and friends and other consumers on the platform enabling them to procure renewable energy made in Austria at an optimum price. This summer, Energie Steiermark welcomes first municipalities, medium enterprises, and industrial customers to join the smartCOMMUNITY ecosystem.

Dr. Jemma Green, Chairman and Co-founder, Powerledger

Dr. Jemma Green, Co-founder and Chairman, Powerledger, explains there are significant benefits from establishing the smartCOMMUNITY platform for both the buyers and sellers.

“Households and businesses can now define the recipients as well as the pricing of the power they’ve generated, which marks a significant shift in mindset. Instead of merely feeding excess electricity into the grid, they now have the freedom to exercise choice and control over their self-generated power,” said Powerledger Co-founder and Chairman, Dr. Jemma Green.

Energie Steiermark Kunden GmbH’s CEO, Josef Landschützer

“The smartCOMMUNITY platform isn’t just about trading energy, it is about empowering customers to have better control over their renewable energy generation and consumption. With new industrial customers and municipalities joining this smartCOMMUNITY ecosystem, we are hopeful to actively contribute to Austria’s target of reaching 100% renewable energy supply by 2030,” said Energie Steiermark Kunden GmbH’s CEO, Josef Landschützer.

The smartCOMMUNITY platform offers a number of key features, including:

  • Energy monitoring: Customers such as households, municipalities, medium enterprises, and industrial customers can monitor their energy usage, consumption, and generation, as well as track their savings and revenue from energy trading.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): Customers can create customised PPAs with other members of the platform across Austria, allowing them to buy and sell electricity at agreed-upon prices.
  • Peer-to-peer trading: Customers can buy and sell electricity directly from and to other members.
  • Control over pricing: Customers can set their own maximum and minimum prices for buying and selling electricity, giving them flexibility and control over their expenditures and revenue.
  • Control over timing: Customers can time their PPAs to match their behavioural patterns, consumption profile and convenience.
  • Control over buyer/seller: Customers can choose who they buy and sell electricity from.

“It’s about decentralising the power of production of renewables and enabling end-customers to play an active role in the energy market. Business consumers can use this tool to manage risks and hedge against price volatility in the wholesale energy market,” said Energie Steiermark’s Project Manager, Daria Mayskaya.

This blockchain-powered energy trading platform not only empowers users with freedom of choice but also fosters stronger communities, giving control back to the people.

About Powerledger
Powerledger is a software company that uses blockchain, AI and Web3 to solve pressing energy challenges and enabling customers to access and trade cheaper, cleaner electricity. Powerledger’s software and features work alongside the existing infrastructure of energy systems, enabling greater control and ownership for consumers and producers alike. Power utilities, governments, and large corporations use Powerledger’s solutions to be at the forefront of the energy transition by tracking, tracing, and trading every kilowatt hour of energy. Headquartered in Zug, Powerledger is recognised as one of the top 50 companies in Crypto Valley, Switzerland.

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About Energie Steiermark
Energie Steiermark is one of Austria’s leading energy providers, with over 600,000 customers. The company offers a wide range of energy products and services, including electricity, gas, heating, and various EV products and services. Energie Steiermark is committed to providing its customers with reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions.

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