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PanforYou, Inc. Launches Frozen Bread "PANSUKU Box" from Japan to Overseas: "PANSUKU Box Kyoto" Available in Singapore on June 13

KIRYU, Japan, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PanforYou, Inc., headquartered in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, launched sales of its frozen bread "PANSUKU Box Kyoto" in Singapore on June 13, marking its first international venture. The product features bread from a Kyoto bakery.



Background of Expansion into Singapore

The decision to choose Singapore as a sales destination was significantly influenced by the presence of home delivery services for frozen goods, which are not yet common in many overseas markets and well-established cafe cultures. Additionally, Japan is a popular travel destination among Singapore residents, with many having visited the country before.

Reason for Launching the "PANSUKU Box Kyoto"

Initially, during the trial sales phase, the PANSUKU Boxes featured bakeries from Gunma, Hokkaido, and Ehime Prefectures. Feedback from customers revealed that many were drawn to the product because they wanted to try bread from a bakery in a city they had visited. This indicated a strong affinity for well-known cities and places associated with personal travel experiences. Based on this insight, the company decided to launch the "PANSUKU Box Kyoto," featuring bread from bakeries in Kyoto Prefecture, a highly popular tourist destination.

Bakery from Kyoto City Featured in the "PANSUKU Box Kyoto": "Panto Okashi Koharubiyori"


"Panto Okashi Koharubiyori" uses domestically produced "Haruyutaka" wheat, handmade red bean paste and custard. The bakery blends Japanese culinary elements like soy sauce and Kyoto shichimi into its bread to emphasize simple, rustic flavors.

Sales site:
Shop location: "Taste orchard" Second Floor, 160 Orchard Rd., Singapore 238842
Price: 65 SGD, tax included

What is "Pan For You" and its Unique Freezing Technology?


It is a startup that aims to solve local bakeries’ challenges in operations and market expansion through unique freezing technology and digital transformation (DX). The company offers platforms that connect bakeries with consumers using freezing and information technology (IT).

Pan For You’s proprietary freezing method preserves bread quality better than room temperature storage, preventing starch aging and maintaining its soft and fluffy texture for a month. Bakers can use standard freezers without special equipment or investments.

Company Overview

PanforYou, Inc. is a startup company that addresses various challenges faced by local bakeries, such as operations and expanding sales channels, through its unique freezing technology and DX. Using "freezing × IT," the company provides various platforms that connect bakeries with consumers.

– Company Name: PanforYou, Inc.
– Website:
– Headquarters: 5-368-9 Honcho, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
– Date of Establishment: January 17, 2017
– Capital: 100,000,000 JPY
– Representative Director: Kenta Yano
– Corporate Vision: Bringing attractive jobs to local areas
– Business Mission: Contributing to regional economies as a platform for local bakeries and creating a new bread economy.

Source : PanforYou, Inc. Launches Frozen Bread "PANSUKU Box" from Japan to Overseas: "PANSUKU Box Kyoto" Available in Singapore on June 13


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