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OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Equipped with Pixelworks Visual Processor Uplevels the Mobile Gaming Experience

Enhanced rendering acceleration solution brings a cooler and more immersive high-frame-rate visual experience to consumers

SHANGHAI, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of visual processing solutions, announced today the newly launched OnePlus Ace 3 Pro smartphone incorporates Pixelworks’ X7 Gen 2 visual processor. With the adoption of neural network algorithms, the visual processor’s AI-based distributed computing architecture offloads significant rendering pressure from the application processor, while enhancing the smartphone’s overall rendering capability and display quality. Notably, as OnePlus’ latest IRX-certified smartphone, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is primed to deliver an exceptional visual gaming experience for multiple IRX-certified games. The IRX rending acceleration ecosystem brings together the perspective of game content creators with the built-in advantages of the Pixelworks visual processor, resulting in superior allocation of rendering power as well as dedicated tuning for optimal visual display performance across different game scenarios.

The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro features the OnePlus’ newly unveiled Glacier Battery technology, which is specially designed for high performance smartphones. This advanced technology brings a unique paring of 6100mAh battery and 100W fast charging to the industry. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., OnePlus Ace 3 Pro has an overall AnTuTu score of 2,326,659 points. The smartphone not only possesses unparalleled battery life, but also boasts ace performance. In terms of gaming experience, the incorporated Pixelworks visual processor serves as a crucial element of OnePlus’ Super Frame Rate and Picture Quality Engine, continuously enhancing the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro’s rendering efficiency and display quality to deliver comprehensive optimization of gaming visuals and performance.

AI-based Distributed Rendering Architecture Intelligently Optimizes Allocation of Computing Power, Enabling Simultaneous 120fps and 1.5K Super Resolution

The Pixelworks X7 Gen 2 visual processor, featuring AI distributed rendering architecture, integrates ultra-low latency MotionEngine® technology and high efficiency AI-based super resolution. This allows the smartphone’s application processor to render at as low as 1/4 of the game’s frame rate and only 1/4 of the image resolution, while still achieving highly immersive visuals with content displayed at up to 120fps and 1.5K resolution. By optimizing the allocation of computing power, the solution delivers a cooler and longer gaming experience due to lower system power consumption. The ultra-low latency MotionEngine® technology enhances the frame rate of game content, effectively reducing screen jitter caused by mismatches between the native frame rate and the screen refresh rate, and improving the smoothness and stability of motion pictures. Built on Pixelworks’ internally developed efficient neural network engine, the AI-based super resolution technology intelligently scales the image resolution of games leveraging trained deep learning to achieve more natural and clear picture quality. This results in displayed character lines appearing smoother and with more complete details. Within a game assistant’s Super Frame Rate and Picture Quality interface, users can choose different optimization modes according to their preferences to enjoy a more immersive and lifelike gaming experience.

Built-in Game Interface Options to Utilize IRX Rendering Acceleration Offers Gamers a Uniquely Authentic Gaming World Endorsed by Game Creators

Pixelworks provides IRX end-to-end gaming experience tuning services for IRX-certified devices, enabling game creators to participate in deploying the rendering acceleration power of Pixelworks’ visual processors to deliver excellent gaming experiences to consumers. In addition to featuring high picture quality, low power consumption and premium game performance, IRX serves as a proven ecosystem for integrating dedicated tuning for games that aligns with the original creative intent. Users can enable IRX gaming experience with one click in the game interface, achieving a perfect blend of visual technology and art endorsed by game creators. Currently, multiple IRX-certified games are available on OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, including Diablo: Immortal, Justice Mobile, Earth: Revival, Call of Duty Mobile (Chinese version), Revelation Mobile, Persona 5: The Phantom X, One Piece Fighting Path and Crystal of Atlan. As the IRX rendering acceleration ecosystem and content continue to expand, additional IRX-certified games are expected to be made available on the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro.

"Last year, the OnePlus Ace 3 debuted with the Pixelworks X7 Gen 2 visual processor featuring AI-based distributed rendering architecture, allowing users to enjoy higher frame rates and more stunning visual quality with lower system power consumption." said Kinder Liu, President and COO of OnePlus, "This year, the upgraded OnePlus Ace 3 Pro continues to advance the gaming experience with Pixelworks, offering users selectable optimization modes to further enhance their gaming adventures. As an IRX-certified smartphone, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro also provides consumers with access to the latest IRX-certified games, allowing users to experience the creator’s vision up close and enjoy cooler and smoother mobile gaming. We hope that with the continued expansion of the IRX gaming ecosystem, we can continuously surpass our previous best and bring even better gaming experiences to end users."

"As a smartphone with flagship performance aimed at the mid-range market, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro has fully extended its performance advantages in gaming." said Ting Xiong, President of Pixelworks China, "The high-performance processor, high-quality screen, large storage and long battery life all lay a solid foundation for running high-load games. We are pleased to participate in the optimized gaming experience delivered by the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro. From a hardware perspective, Pixelworks helps the smartphone GPU offload rendering pressure to ensure cooler and smoother gaming with higher picture quality. At the game content level, Pixelworks continuously balances the game’s performance and artistic expression to enrich and diversify the gaming experience for consumers. In the future, we hope to expand and deepen our collaboration with OnePlus as well as additional gaming ecosystem partners, and together bring new possibilities to mobile gaming."

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a pioneering and performance-oriented brand under OPPO. The company brings together a group of engineers who dare to challenge the limits of the industry, pursue cutting-edge technologies, and pay attention to quality details. OnePlus sticks to its "Never Settle" mantra and provides technology enthusiasts with exquisitely designed devices featuring ultimate performance, specially designed texture, and flagship user experience.

About Pixelworks

Pixelworks provides industry-leading content creation, video delivery and display processing solutions and technology that enable highly authentic viewing experiences with superior visual quality, across all screens – from cinema to smartphone and beyond. The Company has more than 20 years of history delivering image processing innovation to leading providers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services.

In July 2023, Pixelworks announced its new IRX gaming experience brand. As a brand targeted at smartphone users, IRX is grounded on Pixelworks’ profound visual processing and rendering technologies coupling with in-depth tuning services with consideration on games’ characteristic. This combination leverages Pixelworks’ expertise to optimize the performance and display quality for various mobile games, thus providing end users with unparalleled mobile gaming experiences.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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Source : OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Equipped with Pixelworks Visual Processor Uplevels the Mobile Gaming Experience


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