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EDINT Unveils Proctormatic: Revolutionizing Online Exam Integrity with AI-Powered Proctoring Service

DAEJEON, South Korea, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EDINT is excited to announce its participation in ISTELive 24, one of the world’s most comprehensive edtech events, held at the Colorado Convention Center from June 24th to 26th. This year, EDINT has introduced Proctormatic, a cutting-edge, mobile-based AI online exam proctoring service designed to ensure the integrity of online exams.

Proctormatic, the leader in online proctoring, operates with a fully automated system, eliminating the need for live monitoring. With an impressive 99% accuracy rate in detecting cheaters, Proctormatic is a fortress of online exam integrity. The app is user-friendly: students download it on their phones, place the device beside them during exams, and record their session. Within 24 hours after the exam, the AI proctor sends detailed reports to teachers, highlighting any suspicious behavior for further review.

Already collaborating with 15 universities in Korea, EDINT is ready to expand Proctormatic’s global reach. This innovative service is particularly beneficial for Learning Management Systems (LMS), virtual schools, and e-learning providers offering a seamless way for educators to manage and monitor exams. By integrating Proctormatic, educational organizations can differentiate themselves, providing an effortless proctoring solution that frees teachers from real-time monitoring responsibilities.

Key benefits of Proctormatic include:

Ease of Use: Simple setup and operation for both students and educators. Time Efficiency: Automated reports are delivered within 24 hours, saving teachers time. Enhanced Security: High accuracy in detecting cheating, ensuring exam integrity. Scalability: Suitable for institutions of all sizes, from small virtual schools to large universities.

EDINT invites all attendees to visit booth #765 on June 26th, the final day of ISTELive 24, to learn more about Proctormatic and experience its capabilities firsthand. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore how Proctormatic can transform how exams are conducted and managed in your institution.

Source : EDINT Unveils Proctormatic: Revolutionizing Online Exam Integrity with AI-Powered Proctoring Service


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