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Hong Ngoc Ha Travel Takes Pioneering Step Towards Sustainable Business Travel with Air France-KLM Corporate SAF Program

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Ngoc Ha Travel, a leading travel agency in Vietnam, today announced a groundbreaking agreement with Air France-KLM to participate in the airline group’s Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program. This collaboration positions Hong Ngoc Ha Travel as a frontrunner in sustainable corporate travel practices within Vietnam.

Hong Ngoc Ha Travel Takes Pioneering Step Towards Sustainable Business Travel with Air France-KLM Corporate SAF Program

The Air France-KLM Group is a global leader in sustainability initiatives within the aviation industry. Their ambitious roadmap towards decarbonization includes fleet modernization, efficient operations, and – crucially – the utilization of SAF as a significant lever for reducing the environmental impact of air travel.

Through its commitment to SAF program, the company demonstrates its dedication to environmental responsibility. By procuring SAF, the company actively supports the transition away from fossil fuels and contributes to reducing its carbon footprint associated with business travel throughout the year. This collaborative effort not only benefits Hong Ngoc Ha Travel but also advances sustainable aviation practices within Vietnam, fostering increased demand and utilization of SAF.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel

"We are proud to be among the first travel agencies in Vietnam to embrace SAF program," said by Ms. Pham Thi Son, Chairwoman of Hong Ngoc Ha Travel. But our commitment to the environment goes beyond air travel. We are also implementing a multi-faceted approach to reduce our overall environmental impact.

Expanding the Green Horizon: Hong Ngoc Ha Travel’s Sustainability Efforts 

In addition to participating in SAF program, Hong Ngoc Ha Travel is taking the following steps towards environmental sustainability:

– Tree Planting Initiative: We are committed to planting a tree for every business trip booked through our agency. This initiative not only offsets carbon emissions but also promotes biodiversity and ecosystem health.

– Reduced Office Footprint: We are constantly evaluating ways to reduce our office’s environmental impact. This includes transitioning to energy-efficient appliances, implementing paperless practices, and adopting eco-friendly cleaning products.

– Sustainable Partner Selection: When working with travel partners, we prioritize those who share our commitment to sustainability. This ensures a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact of our clients’ trips.

Aligning with a Shared Vision

"We are thrilled to welcome Hong Ngoc Ha Travel as a partner in our SAF program," said by Mrs. Femke Kroese, General Manager Southeast Asia & Oceania. "Their commitment to comprehensive sustainability practices sets a strong example for the travel industry."

The SAF program offers a customizable approach, catering to the specific sustainability goals of each participating company. Based on Hong Ngoc Ha Travel’s expected travel volume, their contribution will be directed towards the purchase of SAF within the agreed-upon timeframe.

With this pioneering agreement, Hong Ngoc Ha Travel and Air France-KLM are demonstrating a shared commitment to a more sustainable future for air travel. Hong Ngoc Ha Travel’s additional sustainability efforts further solidify their position as a leader in responsible travel practices.

Source : Hong Ngoc Ha Travel Takes Pioneering Step Towards Sustainable Business Travel with Air France-KLM Corporate SAF Program


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