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Huawei's Petal Maps and Voltality Pte. Ltd Collaborate to Forge a Novel Charging Experience for Electric Vehicle Drivers

DONGGUAN, China, June 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 (HDC 2024), Huawei Consumer Cloud Services and Singapore-based Electric Mobility Company, Voltality Pte. Ltd (referred to as: Voltality), have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Leveraging each party’s rich and precise data resources in their respective fields, this collaboration aims to continuously optimize Petal Maps map data, with a commitment to bringing a higher-quality intelligent travel service experience to automakers and consumers.

Being a subsidiary of Beep, Voltality Pte. Ltd. specializes in providing unified connectivity for electric vehicle charging stations. Since 2021, the company has successfully established partnerships with operators of over 5,000 online charging stations under its roaming network, VoltNet, in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, among other locations, providing comprehensive services to businesses with local electric vehicle users.

This strategic cooperation with Voltality is of significant importance for Huawei Consumer Cloud Services. It will obtain real-time dynamic data of electric vehicle charging station partners connected to Voltality in the Asia-Pacific region, providing Petal Maps users with the most comprehensive and unbiased information about charging stations. Petal Maps, serving not only mobile phone users with its excellent navigation experience, also showcases its Map Box function within the HMS for Car on-board system, striving to bring more value to automakers and drivers.

Looking at the cooperation expectations, by 2024, Petal Maps anticipate obtaining real-time information from over 7,000 charging stations and plan to update data for more than 12,000 charging stations by 2025. Additionally, Petal Maps will implement payment and control solutions on the charging stations. These updates are aimed at expanding to include Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in the future.

Once Petal Maps incorporates Voltality’s real-time dynamic data of electric vehicle charging stations, it will immediately bring numerous conveniences to electric vehicle owners. They can query the status of nearby charging stations in real-time through Petal Maps and intelligently calculate the last charging time of each station, thereby planning their journey and charging time conveniently. In addition, the information covers whether the charging station is available, functioning correctly, and the optimal energy supplement route. It also provides information about nearby dining, shopping, and entertainment venues, helping electric vehicle owners plan their charging waiting time more effectively.

As the demand for diversified and real-time updated map services continues to grow in overseas markets and among users, Huawei HMS for Car will continuously intensify efforts in map data services. This partnership with Voltality company marks another milestone in co-creating map data value. Moving forward, we will collaborate closely with global partners to establish a more intelligent and precise map data ecosystem, collectively shaping a new paradigm for China’s automotive industry to expand globally.


Source : Huawei's Petal Maps and Voltality Pte. Ltd Collaborate to Forge a Novel Charging Experience for Electric Vehicle Drivers


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