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Matrixdock Integrates Full Suite of Chainlink's Tokenized RWA Infrastructure onto Platform to Unlock Greater Liquidity and Transparency

From cross-chain liquidity to data synchronization, the integration with Chainlink’s essential infrastructure for tokenized assets will bolster Matrixdock’s RWA offering and growth strategy 

SINGAPORE, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Matrixdock, a digital assets platform, owned by Matrixport, that provides access to real-world assets (RWA) through tokenization has announced the full integration of Chainlink’s tokenized RWA infrastructure onto its platform; enhancing data synchronization, cross-chain liquidity, and asset transparency for its RWA products.

As the first flagship product under Matrixdock, its Short-term Treasury Bill Token (STBT) will be the first to benefit from Chainlink’s technology suite that includes Data Feeds, Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), and Proof of Reserve (PoR). With these onboarded, users can enjoy enhanced data reliability, seamless cross-chain liquidity and transparent asset security for their RWA investments.

Leveraging Chainlink’s capabilities, Matridock offers users the following:

Accessing global liquidity: Through the use of Chainlink’s CCIP, the only interoperability solution with level-5 cross-chain security, RWA tokens on the Matrixdock platform can enjoy cross-chain interoperability, expanding the reach of Matrixdock’s protocol to the entire economy of on-chain and off-chain assets and its users without compromising on the traceability and security of the tokens. Building on Chainlink’s battle-tested infrastructure: with a track record of reliability and being trusted by the world’s largest financial institutions, Chainlink’s PoR allows Matrixdock to obtain definitive on-chain proof of its STBT’s true collateralization. This lowers the risk of fraud and ensures that token supplies are always properly backed by real assets. Accelerating time-to-market: As blockchain-agnostic scalable infrastructure, Chainlink’s Data Feeds, Matrixdock is equipped to expand into any new tokenized assets on any blockchain, updating at the native speed and cost of each chain.

Looking ahead, Matrixdock is committed to expanding its RWA product offerings and the integration of Chainlink’s tokenized RWA infrastructure will help bolster the on-chain RWA standards and operational capabilities needed for this expansion. Together, Matrixdock is forging new frontiers for tokenized assets — creating a more secure, reliable and accessible space for users and applications to unlock the full potential of RWAs.


About Matrixdock

Matrixdock, a digital assets platform that provides access to real-world assets through tokenization. It is a brand owned by Matrixport, one of the world’s largest and most trusted digital assets financial services ecosystem. Its flagship product,  Short-term Treasury Bill token ("STBT"), enables stablecoin holders to get exposure to U.S. Treasury securities maturing within six months and reverse repurchase agreements collateralized by the U.S. Treasury securities.

Matrixdock’s STBT was recognized as the best trading and liquidity solution at the 2023 TADS Awards, the world’s leading international awards for the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities (TADS) sectors. For more information, please visit For STBT purchase restrictions, visit this link.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry-standard decentralized computing platform powering the verifiable web. Chainlink has enabled over $12 trillion in transaction value by providing financial institutions, startups, and developers worldwide with access to real-world data, offchain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across any blockchain. Chainlink powers verifiable applications and high-integrity markets for banking, DeFi, global trade, gaming, and other major sectors.

Learn more about Chainlink by visiting or reading the developer documentation at



Source : Matrixdock Integrates Full Suite of Chainlink's Tokenized RWA Infrastructure onto Platform to Unlock Greater Liquidity and Transparency


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