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Emdoor DIGI participated in Taipei Computex, and its cutting-edge technology products attracted much attention

SHENZHEN, China, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From June 4th to June 7th, Computex 2024, the largest computer show in Asia and the second largest in the world, was held at the Nangang District Exhibition Hall. With the theme of ‘AI Connections, Creating the Future Together’, this exhibition focuses on generative AI technology. Emdoor DIGI accurately grasped the focus of the exhibition and made a wonderful appearance at booth N1113 in Hall 1 of Nangang District Exhibition Hall with a new series of AI PC products and its self-developed AIGC (generative AI) software assistant.

New AI PC range of products:

Emdoor DIGI’s special presentation of AI PCs at this exhibition include a number of products in the 326, 336 and 829 series. Among them, the 326 and 336 series can be equipped with different types of CPUs to meet diverse platform configuration requirements. The 829 series, on the other hand,  provides users with stable and powerful computing support thanks to its powerful GPU and outstanding performance of up to 45W. These AI PCs all integrate a hybrid architecture of CPU, GPU and NPU to form a powerful three-in-one processing core. Through heterogeneous hybrid computing power, they achieve efficient local reasoning, allowing them to easily handle various complex tasks and bring users a new personalized intelligent experience. These AI PCs can securely process personal information locally without uploading it to the cloud, reducing the risk of data leakage and providing users with a more secure usage environment.

AI Software Applications:

At the Computex exhibition, Emdoor DIGI’s self-developed AIGC (Generative AI) software assistant became the focus of centre of attention. The well-designed booth and five AI zones -AI for Education, AI for Home, AI for Gaming, and AI for Office – demonstrate the powerful functions and unlimited possibilities of its AI PC and AIGC (Generative AI) software assistant in different application scenarios.

In business scenarios, Emdoor DIGI’s AI PC demonstrates its efficient data processing capabilities and outstanding intelligent assistant functions. With natural language processing technology, users can easily manage their schedules and quickly find information; with localised AI processing, users’ data does not need to be uploaded to the cloud, greatly reducing the risk of data leakage. In addition, its lightweight and portable body design and super long battery life provide business people with the convenience of handling work anytime and anywhere.

A typical scenario for AI application is AI Office assistant. The Office AI Assistant in Emdoor GIDI’s AI PC introduces a series of AI features designed to change the way people work. These AI functions can understand and execute complex instructions, learn user work habits, and provide personalized support, covering data processing, document writing, email replies, etc. All of the above functions are based on local AI, which protects privacy while reducing work intensity and releashing more creativity and productivity.

AI is also a good helper for students to improve their learning efficiency. Users can use AI to learn the content of teaching videos and automatically generate structured teaching outlines and clear mind maps from long teaching videos. At the same time, any knowledge point in the mind map can jump to the corresponding knowledge point in the video. Through algorithms and models, we can conduct in-depth analysis of students’ data to tailor a personalized learning path for each student.

For home users, the AI legal assistant in the AI PC can quickly generate a contract draft based on user needs, reducing the time and energy users spend on legal matters encountered in life. At the same time, with advanced AI technology, it can also intelligently recommend personalized content based on user usage habits, and automatically optimize system settings, bringing users a more convenient and efficient PC usage experience.

In the field of gaming, Emdoor DIGI is able to deeply analyze players’ gaming habits with its advanced AI technology, thereby accurately optimizing game settings and bringing players a more excellent gaming experience. Specific functions include automatically capturing exciting moments of the game, instant prompts and battle analysis from AI coaches, and real-time monitoring of teammates’ dynamics. In addition, Emdoor DIGI also uses AI RAG technology, allowing players to ask questions to the collected or organized game strategies, quickly learn and master the essence of the strategies. At the same time, this technology can also answer players’ various questions about strategies, greatly reducing players’ learning costs.

Generative AI is profoundly transforming all industries, bringing new opportunities for industry innovation and growth. The AIGC (Generative AI) localization application software solution independently developed by Emdoor DIGI integrates advanced technologies such as large language models, text-generated graph models, and graph-generated graph models, bringing users a full-range and highly customizable AI experience. This solution not only makes full use of local computing power to ensure smooth use in offline environments, but also optimizes the user’s interaction experience with the AI assistant, while adhering to the bottom line of user privacy and data security. This is undoubtedly an advanced AI solution that combines efficiency, convenience and security, indicating that AI technology will have great potential in more fields.

Through the above five AI zones at the Computex exhibition, Emdoor DIGI successfully demonstrated to consumers the diverse applications of its AI PC in different scenarios. These AI PC products integrate the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide users with a more intelligent and convenient operating experience, allowing them to easily cope with office, entertainment or study. Looking into the future, Emdoor DIGI will keep pace with the times, continue to delve deeper into the field of AI, and strive to bring more innovative and practical products to users.

The exhibition will last until June 7th, booth N1113, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan, China. Emdoor DIGI looks forward to meeting you!

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