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Japan Tsunami But some of the most important lessons from 2004 could be useful to Japan, a country far richer and better prepared than the nations hit hardest in 2004–Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka–as it tries to rebuild its economy and environment, and prepare better for the next disaster.

Share this Article Lessons for Japan, from the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand Lessons for Japan, from the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand

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Lessons for Japan, from the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand

At the end of 2009, real GDP was back at pre-crisis levels, as measured in seasonally adjusted terms.
All in all, a more favorable external environment should help boost real GDP growth to 6.2 percent in 2010. After this year, slower growth in developed countries, emerging capacity constraints as capacity idled during the crisis is quickly put to use, and the weight of the ongoing political turmoil on new investment, should likely keep growth below Thailand’s historical average of 5.1 percent. On the whole, Thailand’s fiscal and financial picture remains solid

Total shareholder returns (TSR) for 2009 are calculated by assuming that investors reinvest all cash received over the course of the year to determine a total return from one’s investment. The 2009 analysis covers 505 companies from the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Market for Alternative Investment and is based on share valuations as of Dec 31 and dividend payments made over the 2009 calendar year.
The TSRs for the two groups are similar.