PHANG NGA (NNT) – The Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment has inspected the growth of baby coral under the sea in Phang Nga, where artificial reefs have been created.

The Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Varawut Silpa-archa, was visiting Khao Lak district of Phang Nga, where he joined a group of divers to observe the growth and abundance of coral in the sea, as well as inspecting a 3D printed cement reef structure and dome-shaped artificial reefs.

Mr Varawut said the artificial reefs in place since 2013 have now been become home to marine creatures and coral, making the site a learning center and a new tourism attraction for Phang Nga province, with a development goal of becoming a world-class diving spot.

These artificial reefs are said to cause no harm to the underwater environment, while their harmonious appearance in keeping with natural reefs makes them ideal for the conservation of marine resources.

The Environment Minister said he is confident local villagers will be able to take care of these reefs.

According to a report by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Phang Nga province has about 4,180 hectares (26,126 rai) of reefs in the region, but many have been damaged by both man made or natural incidents.

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