BANGKOK (NNT) – Emissions from poorly maintained truck engines are one of the main causes of air pollution. The Center for Air Pollution Mitigation today began an inspection at a Khlong Toei pier, where most trucks were shown to be emitting black smoke.

Mr Theerapat Prayurasiddhi, chair of the Center for Air Pollution Mitigation‘s Communications Subcommittee, today announced the outcome of the truck exhaust spot check at Khlong Toei pier in Bangkok.

Officials provided drivers with maintenance recommendations, while trucks emitting higher than standard air pollution received stickers indicating the vehicles were banned from operating until the engines are fixed.

Khlong Toei pier has implemented measures to reduce airborne particle accumulation, by installing a network of sprinklers to spray water mist at the entry, as well as using water tankers to spray water mist along the pier.

Air pollution has become a significant health concern in recent years, with several efforts being made by various sectors to mitigate its disastrous effects.

Mr Theerapat said exhaust gas from diesel engines is among the main contributors to the poor air quality in Bangkok, especially pollution from trucks and public buses, while traffic jams cause the situation to worsen as many cars on the road are caught in stationary traffic with engines turned on.

Outside Bangkok, Mr Theerapat said the air pollution disaster now commonly affects urban areas because of factory emissions, with rural areas affected by smoke from the burning of agricultural waste.

He said the center has coordinated with inspectors from the Prime Minister’s Office and provincial offices to address these issues.

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