BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment is providing 13 gifts to the public during the New Year period.

Among the gifts are 10 million saplings of 10 types of lucky plants grown in the “Botanicals of Fortune” program. They are to become available from January 1, 2021 at Department of Forest Resource Management offices 1-23, Provincial Halls nationwide and at sapling centers.

From December 28 to January 3 next year, the ministry will be facilitating public travel by land, sea and air with rest stops to be set up at 484 spots along both major and minor roads nationwide. The stops will provide drinking water, coffee, lavatories and space for tents, and work alongside centers aiding tourists along the nation’s coastline, as well as five emergency response centers at airports.

The “Free Viewing for Knowledge of Natural Tourism” program will allow for free entry to natural tourist attractions between December 31st and January 1st for Thai citizens. Foreign tourists will be charged 60-70 baht as a measure to reduce crowding.

From December 1st to February 28th next year, the “Discounted Entry and Goods” program will cut accommodation costs by 20 percent at Suan Pa Mae Yow in Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai, Suan Pa Khao Krayang in Phitsanulok, Suan Pa Mae Lamoh in Tak and the National Elephant Institute.

The ministry will also launch the “Employing Citizens” project to hire 5,500 members of the public to work with the Forestry Industry Organization, and in other relevant activities.

Meanwhile, the “Car Maintenance for Less PM 2.5” program running until February 28th, is providing free car check-ups on vehicles over seven years old, along with discounts on engine oil changes.

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