BANGKOK (NNT) – In a bid to increase the area of forest in the country, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in collaboration with a number of agencies has launched a new platform to allow people who wish to contribute to the planting of trees to do so with ease.

SET President Dr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai today officially launched the “Care the Wild” project, a new activity where the public, wherever they may live in the world are able to contribute to the expansion of forest area in Thailand by simply downloading the application ‘Care the Wild’, at their platform’s application store.

With the application on their phone, users are able to contribute to the planting of trees without having to go to the actual site. Donating one tree costs 200 baht, and a person can plant as many trees as they like. Users can also decide where they would like to plant their trees. There is currently 717 rai of land to choose from across seven provinces namely Ratchaburi, Petchaburi, Chiang Rai, Nan, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Ratchasima and Mahasarakam, with more coming in the future.

With a simple click and transfer, SET will work with the Royal Forest Department and residents of the area to plant trees for the users; after the planting, the application will send users a report of how their trees are doing on a biannual basis for a period of six years.

SET hopes that the application will help increase the number of forest areas in the kingdom, aiming for about 100,000 trees covering 500 rai of land; this amount will be able to absorb roughly 900,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.

Currently, forest in Thailand covers an area of some 102 million rai, or 31.5% of the country’s land mass, but according to research Thailand needs at least 40% or 128 million rai of its area to be covered by forest to create a well balanced ecosystem for the country.

Interested individuals are welcome to participate by downloading the ‘Care for the Wild’ application at their platform’s app store, fill in their information and start the planting process in the comfort of their home anywhere in the world.
Meanwhile, companies that would like to participate are welcome to visit to learn more.

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