BANGKOK(NNT) – A Deputy Minister of the Interior has called a meeting with local agencies in Narathiwat to follow up on the province’s disaster mitigation plan, during his visit to the southern border province.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Nipon Bunyamanee was making an official visit to Narathiwat province, where he chaired a meeting called to assess the province’s disaster management preparedness.

At the meeting, local agencies reported on the water situation and current management plan for the three main watershed regions in the province, followed by discussions on the installation of a flood prevention system in Su-ngai Kolok district, and the monitoring of landslides and flash floods.

Deputy Minister Nipon then followed up on control of the Bajor swamp forest fire, and residential and occupational land issues faced by villagers in Su-ngai Padi district.

He said after the briefing that Narathiwat province is ready to handle all aspects of disaster management, from flooding to storms and landslides, saying that all pending processes are being expedited to help the general public and ensure safety.

He urged the authorities to focus on advance notification of disasters, by employing a village-level notification center or broadcasting center to spread the warning. He also expressed his concerns for villagers in Kolok river basin who may need to be evacuated in cases of severe flooding.

In the long run, the Deputy Minister of the Interior has recommended the authorities construct a water retention area and a flow decelerating area, while reminding officials that the safety of villagers must be the highest priority when dealing with a disaster.

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