15 provinces still submerged after Storm Podul

BANGKOK, 3 September 2019(NNT) – The storm Podul that hit Thailand last weekend was very harsh on villagers in the northeastern region, many of whom have been hit with flash floods and landslides in 24 provinces. The disaster persists in 15 provinces, where related agencies are now working at full force to provide assistance.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) has released its latest report on Tropical Storm Podul’s impact on Thailand, reporting flash floods and landslides in 64 districts of 24 provinces, affecting 3,663 households, with one fatality and one person injured. Fifteen provinces are still affected by the disaster, while the DDPM is now working with related agencies to assist affected villagers and drain away flood waters, as well as conduct surveys of damage, so as to provide compensation.

The Department of Rural Roads has reported that while 49 roads in the northeastern region were badly affected by flooding, traffic is now permitted to access 32 of the roads, with 17 remaining closed.

Elsewhere, most of another 22 highways affected by flooding in 11 provinces are now open for traffic, except three highways which remain closed – they are Highway No.2034 at 59th kilometer mark in Mukdahan where the bridge’s supports have subsided; Highway No.113 Wang Chompho – Phichit road at the 60th-62nd kilometer marks in Phichit where the road is submerged under 20-45 centimeters of flood water, and Highway No.202 at 288th-289th kilometer section in Yasothon where the road is flooded with water 40 centimeters deep.

Related agencies have placed warning signs and bypass information for road users, and proceeded with the removal of debris obstructing road traffic in some places. Responsible departments are on standby to repair roads damaged by flooding as soon as the water recedes. Road users can report flooding incidents by calling the Department of Rural Roads Hotline 1146, available 24 hours a day.

During this period, a new depression has formed and is moving close to China’s Hainan province and northern Vietnam, which will cause heavy rain in the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand on 2nd-6th September. Members of the general public are advised to follow weather advisories and instructions in case of disaster closely. Affected villagers can request assistance by calling the disaster hotline 1784, 24 hours a day.

The government has ordered all agencies to work at their full capacity to assist affected villagers round the clock. Villagers can also call the Royal Irrigation Department’s hotline 1460 for assistance, or contact their local military units which can be reached 24 hours a day.

In Roi Et, contact the 27th Military Circle tel 043 519 082.
In Nakhon Phanom, contact the 210th Military Circle tel 042 536 886.
In Sakhon Nakhon, contact the 29th Military Circle tel 042 711 889.
In Udon Thani, contact the 24th Military Circle tel 042 930 211.
In Ubon Ratchathani, contact the 22nd Military Circle tel 045 269 534.
In Khon Kaen, contact the 23rd Military Circle tel 043 241 460.
In Yasothon, contact the 2nd Infantry Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, Bodindecha Camp tel 064 369 7763.
In Amnat Charoen, contact the 51st Mobile Development Unit tel 045 452 142.

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